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The Magic Paintbrush – Part II

Category : General · by Apr 20th, 2006

Here is the second part of one of my favourite two childhood stories, The Magic Paintbrush, adapted by Fran Hunia from the traditional Chinese tale in 1979, and wonderfully illustrated by Martin Aitchison.

The first part came be found here. And the third and final part is here. Enjoy.

The third and final part…


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10 years ago ·

erm… can you quickly give the final third part to us.. plssss…..???? i had read b4 coz miie art teacher let us read derhssxxx… then i wanna read again but canot cosz mie art teacher change liaoxxx…. then u can faster put..? thx alot..

[…] II of the adventure can be found here. And third and final part is […]

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