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The Magic Paintbrush – Part III

Category : General · by Apr 24th, 2006

Here is the third and final part of a favourite childhood story of mine, The Magic Paintbrush, adapted by Fran Hunia from the traditional Chinese tale in 1979, and illustrated by Martin Aitchison.

The first part can be found here and the second part here.

That’s all folks.


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9 years ago ·

wow i LOVED this book when i was a kid.

[…] first part came be found here. And the third and final part is here. I will stick up the next few days. […]

[…] Part II of the adventure can be found here. And third and final part is here. […]

8 years ago ·

i sooo loved this story when i was a kid…..i was totally mesmerized by the pictures…i searched online many times for this book but it was always a different version….i would so love to buy this book for my own kids….

Kay Phillips
8 years ago ·

I LOVED this book as a kid. It had a huge impact on my life long love of Art. I went on to do a Fine Art degree and paint when ever I get time to! I teach painting and other Art skills now.

8 years ago ·

I suddenly remembered this Ladybird book when I was reading a review of Julia Donaldson’s book, and I realised I’d read the story before! My Ladybird copy must be long gone, but thank you so much for putting it up here!

Colette Naude
8 years ago ·

Thank you so very much, I have been searching for a number of years and you putting it online has brought back many happy memories. It was one of my favorite and I will share it with all my nieces and nephews.

Mike Johnston
7 years ago ·

I had this book 25 years or so ago and loved it. I had been trying to remember the name of the story for months but until now all i could come up with was the golden paintbrush… so glad I remembered it and discovered your website. Many thanks for posting the scan, the artwork is just as I remember it. ebay here I come.
Thanks again.

7 years ago ·

Thanks. I have had this story on my mind recently (it actually a story further a long than the version i read.

Tiahna T
7 years ago ·

Is this the original story because i was asked to do a sumary of the magic paintbrush and my teacher handed out the peom on paper but i lost it so i trying to do the task of the book on the internet? Hope it the original!!!

6 years ago ·

thankyou for posting this story. it’s very nice.

5 years ago ·

THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve talked about this story for ages, but couldn’t find it. Amazing, one of my all time favourites. THANK YOU again, you have made my day :)

3 years ago ·

I’m 39 and I really loved this book when I was a child :-) thank you for making it available! I know it’s been a few years since you put it online but I’m sure there will always be people who appreciate it :D

3 years ago ·

Thank u so much! I loved this book as a kid. I’m sure my 3yr old will love it too!!

joan maribojoc torres
2 years ago ·

thank you very much!!!!!!

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