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Buy your .mobi domain in an hour

Category : Domain names, ICANN, Internet, Journalism, Technology · by Sep 26th, 2006

The latest new top-level domain – .mobi – is opened up to everyone in just under an hour, 3pm GMT, 10am in New York.

It is an attempt to build a mobile Internet and a number of big boys are behind it including Ericsson, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, T-Mobile and Vodafone. It’s pretty uninspiring at the moment but just wait for the next generation of phones with a hardware tie-in.

And when I went to the launch last week, I met the woman who pushed the whole thing through ICANN – and whose name I can’t remember now – and we discussed the possibilities of using the DNS to offer new services.

I was also told this morning that the .tel people have exactly this – a very interesting use of DNS to publish contact details. I will do some research and an article soon.

Anyway, you can buy your .mobi domain today. They are more expensive than usual – roughly £20 with a minimum two-year agreement. Will I get any? Nah. Maybe later though.

Oh, I’ve done a story for The Register on it that has a lot more info if people are interested.


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I appreciated The Register article you wrote on dotMobi’s Landrush; however, there were two paragraphs towards the end that weren’t quite accurate and I’d like to give you some more context around them.


Vance says: I suspect this “info” was taken from a message that was sent on the ICANN listserv. It wasn’t true but, rather than spend more time taking about it, we chose to ignore it. Certain employee names did indeed appear on a DRAFT version of the reserve name list for testing purposes but were gone from the final edition. Those names went back in the pool and are available now unless they were purchased during at Landrush.

“Champagne” is on the reserve list because it it a geographic location; that’s a requirement of our ICANN contract and has nothing to do with board member Matt Champagne. And Bob Parsons does indeed have; he has it because it is trademarked and his company applied for it during trademark sunrise.


Vance says: I’m not sue I quite understand this comment. dotMobi Style Guides do not preclude sites being able to work on a PC. A well designed .mobi site will work on a standard PC-based broswer. The only .mobi mandatories are (1) XHTML programming, (2) no “www” and (3) no frames.


Vance says: The official .mobi list of registrars is at and there is a link to it on our front page as well. What you’re referring to here is a dotMobi lead generation marketing program for .mobi registrars using online advertising. The program is open to all dotMobi registrars who meet specific criteria like correct .mobi logo usage, ability to accept online registrations, etc. This program is made available at no cost to all of our registrars as long as they they meet those requirements and its availability has been advertised to them on a regular basis; there is no “deal” involved to favor some registrars over others.

11 years ago ·

Thanks Vance,

I’m surprised at the employee names thing as every new TLD registrar is allowed to take a number of domains for themselves. At least that’s always been my understanding.

I think the bigger story is that Bob Parsons appears to have trademarked his own name.

As for PC websites – that’s splitting hairs, I was only pointing out that .mobi will be for sites designed primarily for mobile devices. I thought it was an important distinction to make and the “breaking its own rules” was supposed to be read as a lighthearted comment.

As for the registrar list on the .mobi page, well that is far from random as can be seen by simply hitting refresh. You’re welcome to write around it with whatever you like, but I was planning just to let it drop at an observational comment.

Cheers for commenting though, all the best


T. Barrett
11 years ago · is a sunrise registration with Godaddy. But not by Bob Parsons. It is registered to a construction company in California.

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