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Jennifer Lopez fights cybersquatting case

Category : Domain names · by Jan 19th, 2009

Singer Jennifer Lopez has filed papers against the owner of and, accusing him of cybersquatting.

The two sites are owned by one Jeremiah Tieman who lives in Arizona and uses the sites to display news, pictures and videos of and about the singer and includes a disclaimer at the bottom stating that the sites are fan sites and are not endorsed by Lopez. However, both sites also include prominent ads and links through to affiliate sites.

Case D2009-0057 was filed last week with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by Lopez’s charitable foundation – which support women and children on low incomes – rather than her hard-hitting IP lawyers Fross, Zelnick, Lehrman and Zissu who are the registered owners of Lopez’s dotcom website.

It is not yet known if Tieman will put up a fight for the domains – I have emailed him asking for an interview – but his chances don’t look good after WIPO has consistently found in favour of celebrities in such cases. Tom Cruise was awarded by WIPO in a carefully fudged judgment (my analysis here) but also a judgment in which it was argued that if someone made any money at all from a namesake domain that it could be taken as a sign of “bad faith” – one of the three things that someone must prove in order to be given their domain. Another similar fudge gave England and Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney his dotcom.

Other celebrities recently involved in cybersquatting cases have been Scarlett Johansson, who was given after its owner unwisely decided to have a competition which gave applicants the “chance” to have a threesome with the sexy actress. Chef Raymond Blanc also won back his dotcom namesake last year.

However, all is not lost for Tieman. Sting lost his attempt at; and most famously Kevin Spacey lost his bid for in the California courts, put in an appeal and then reached a deal with the notorious celebrity-domain-name owner Jeff Burgar who handed it over.

We shall have to wait and see what happens with

Update: Jennifer Lopez’s Foundation won back the domains. You can read the decision here.

Previous owner Tieman didn’t help his case by changing the “Whois” registration details for the domain twice in an apparent effort to sidestep the UDRP process. It didn’t work. Tieman also offered to sell the domain to the Lopez Foundations twice – for $80,000 and then for $45,000.

All that aside though the UDRP decision is shaky, and, as I have covered a number of times in past cases, have built its case on the foundation of suspect decisions, themselves built on top of suspect decisions. It’s a whole house of cards that will fall down if WIPO doesn’t start looking at UDRP properly and firming it up.

This time around, the nine-year delay between the domain registration and Lopez’ action is dismissed, despite there being a whole legal theory in the US of “laches”. The panelist finds that this doesn’t apply in “injunctive” cases – although I have to say handing over intangible property (as also defined in US law) strikes me as more than just injunctive action.

So in conclusion: Lopez won; the original owner was a bit dodgy; the UDRP process is a mess; and WIPO continues to fudge the rules.


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Fritz Melching
7 years ago ·

I love Jennifer Lopez period end of story shes my hero i dont care if shes not the greatest popular celebrity to me shes everything n always will be i would love it if some day i could actually meet her I love Jennifer Lopez!

Antonia Beaner
7 years ago ·

I admire jennifer lopez, she’s is talented and extremely beautiful,i always buy from her trend,perfumes and purses and clothes and everyone say i look like her.

Fredric Nikocevic
7 years ago ·

Jennifer Lopez is intelligent, sexy and very talented. Love her music and her movies.

7 years ago ·

@Fritz, Antonia and Fredric: What the hell is wrong with you all?

Why do you feel the need to respond to a cybersquatting story with unrelated and mindless declarations of love? To what possible end?

Do you do this often? Trawl around the Internet for mentions of Jennifer Lopez and then posts screed of admiration… surely you must have better things to do with your time?

Anyway, I’m deleting any of this nonsense from now on.


Nitin Balodi
3 years ago ·

Cybersquatting is prevailing all of the internet and it is nightmare
for everyone. I think the large corporations don’t suffer a lot,provided
if the domain name user is not ruining the brand of the company.

On the other hand a young internet entrepreneur can lose his all. It is really a nightmare for him.

are cases where rising company used name of a famous brand like make my
trip used trademark of TATA and at the end of the day, it was TATA that
came victorious.
You can read it here if you want to go inside the details –

There are cases where a very small organisation won . I read about a case in which won cybersquatting case against CANADIAN beer.

Lots of other examples are there.

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