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UK government says Nominet EGM changes enough to get it off company’s back

A quick update to my earlier post about voting to ensure that the .uk registry isn’t regulated by the government….

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Nominet given three months to live

For the past year, the company that runs the UK’s Internet registry has been the unlikely location for a corporate soap opera, complete with scandals, villains, twists and turns, allegations of corruption, resignations, grand plans thwarted at the last minute and some nasty in-fighting that had left people alternatively amazed, entertained and worried.

The dust finally began to settle in January this year when a second director resigned (loudly) from not-for-profit Nominet and ever since the management team has been frantically trying to tidy up. In an effort to avoid the same problems emerging further down the line, a big spring clean was ordered and an independent expert brought in to assess what had gone wrong and what needed to be done.

Last week, that expert – Professor Bob Garratt – delivered a surprisingly frank and blunt assessment. In it, he told Nominet – and Nominet’s members – that they had to sort out a list of issues, and they had to sort them out fast.

In effect, he gave Nominet three months to live. If the warring tribes can’t find a settlement before then, Garratt warns, the UK government is going to step in and Nominet as it has existed since 1996 will cease to be.

It now rests on the shoulders of Nominet’s CEO, Lesley Cowley, to make enormous progress within an extremely short period of time, and persuade groups that were until recently at war with another to come together and rebuild the organization.

Here’s what needs to be done and how Cowley says she is going to do it.

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Nominet wins EGM votes – but only just

Nominet very narrowly scraped the 90 percent it needed to be able to expand beyond the .uk registry this morning in Oxford.

In fact, 90.97 percent – which in reality meant that a Nominet member or two either way would have seen the whole thing fall over. I’m very pleased this got through. I think Nominet should be able to move into other areas – particularly ENUM and particularly the next generation of Net infrastructure. The domain name system in itself is a set system now and despite the expansion in new gTLDs, and the upcoming IDNs, it’s not where the growth and Nominet has bigger eyes and better talent than that.

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Why did Pipex screw Nominet?

That’s the question everyone is asking. Pipex is the biggest beast in the .uk domain market, and as a result…

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Nominet EGM hits barriers

Well, I thought it would be a close thing. And I was completely wrong.

Nominet this morning lost all three votes called at its Extraordinary General Meeting and lost them by a massive margin. Why? Because, completely unexpectedly, two of the three biggest Nominet members decided they didn’t like them.

In the end, all the objections eloquently put forward by some members of Nominet’s Policy Advisory Board were as nought when big companies Fasthosts and Pipex turned against the deal.

But what I thought was a battle over Nominet’s future direction has suddenly become something much, much bigger. It’s now about who controls Nominet, and so by extension, the UK’s Internet space, and the UK’s biggest beast in the global Net infrastructure market.

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UK’s Internet future to be decided tomorrow

Tomorrow at 10am at the Kassam football stadium in Oxford, the future of the UK’s Internet, and the future of…

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