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The New Seven Wonders of the World

About nine months ago, I wrote a post about there being an effort by UNESCO to decide a new set of Seven Wonders of the World. Well, the results are in.

And, by popular vote, they are:

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The new Seven Wonders of the World

I caught a bit of the news at lunch today and they were at Stonehenge talking about the *new* Seven Wonders of the World.

This rang a very vague bell, I remember someone going on about this ages ago – the idea of coming with a new list of seven amazing things in the world. I think this is a brilliant idea – especially since only one of the original Seven Wonders still exists.

Anyone can register and vote and they claim to have already gathered 20 million votes – which is all very possible. The shortlist has been cut down to 21 by UNESCO and now its ex-head Professor Dr Federico Mayor is going on a world tour of each location drumming up press coverage. He was in the UK, hence Stonehenge, hence the news report.

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