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Online participation website for ICANN

So I was asked by ICANN’s “executive officer and vice president for corporate affairs” Paul Levins to do an online participation website for its meeting in São Paulo, starting officially on Monday.

Paul was at the IGF in Athens last month and saw the site that Jeremy and I had done for the IGF in order to try to get some online interaction both by people that couldn’t be there and by those that were there. In fact, in retrospect, the whole thing dovetailed with a conversation I had had with Paul when I visited ICANN in Los Angeles on a whim two months ago.

Despite alot of well-founded criticism of ICANN in the past (much of it from me) about the organisation being secretive, insular, opaque and whatever other term you wish to use, it struck me that ICANN had actually taken the criticism on board this time and was looking for ways to open up a bit.

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New poll and troubles

I was out and about in London yesterday. Late for a conference on Cybersecurity because of a huge car crash…

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More updates to the site

Okay, I have completed the first, biggest stage of the Sexdotcom website.

I have grown sick of trying to get a blog fitting within the Latest news section so I have just stuck in some basic HTML covering where the book is up to, and what is going on with the case in the real world.

I will add a blog style approach later, and then finally get around to have a blog interface later once I’ve moved onto a new hosting deal with MySQL so that people have leave comments. But, frankly, it was taking up too much time when I need to do more writing.

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Christ, it takes ages to build an archive of articles.

Anyway, I have now built the biggest resource for the story on my site – which is just as well seeing as I’m writing a whole book about it. And there’s still more to be added. I also plan to add some of my unique resources i.e. transcripts of my interviews, maybe tapes, more obscure news stories, chunks of the book written so far etc etc.

I am also very pleased with both the Timeline, which has helped give a real sense of the progression and the twists and turns in the case, and in particular the Legalese section which effectively explains a whole series of legal lingo and concepts in simple language and ties them into how they appeared in the case.

Basically, what I’m saying is: I’ve updated my site and you should have a look because it’s interesting.

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Following a suggestion on this blog a few weeks ago, I grabbed a domain name to cover the book…

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