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The two-pronged approach to staying awake: Laughter and coffee

Category : Funny, Internet governance, Journalism ยท by Nov 18th, 2005

Conference fatique has really hit home today. I actually wrote a piece The Register where I wrote “Swedish prime minister” when I meant “Swiss president” – that can't be good.

Anyway, with enough coffee I should be able to get through this last day of the Summit. And just to help it along, I have just had a good laugh courtesy of Alastair Coleman – in Tunis for the BBC – and for some reason going by the name “Scary Duck” comme bloggeur.

Alastair emailed me a link to his Tunis diary which I enjoyed, so it's only fair to share it with others:

I have another overall blog entry planned. In fact, among the endless scribblings I have written all over my notepad, I can see “Blog. Booze” as a aide de memoire. The only booze you can get in this place comes with a 35 dinar meal at the restaurant. It's not even the money that's the problem – it's the time it would take. Now that is Conference World.

Also, after however many days I've been here, I'm pleased to find my French is gradually coming back. That will no doubt come in useful when one of the secret policemen posing as journalists in the press room fingers me at Tunis airport and I'm forced to explain the philosophy of a free press.


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