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US Net interference in one short story

Category : Internet governance · by May 19th, 2006

Since I’m a professional journalist, and wannabe author, I hate to think that others are more capable of taking the self-same facts and rolling them out more interestingly and coherently than myself. But I am happy to admit that I have been beaten on the information extracted from the US government with respect to the [tag].xxx[/tag] domain.

I wrote an extensive article attempting to condense it all. As did Kevin Murphy for Computer Business Review. As indeed did Christopher Rhoads in The Wall Street Journal. Each of us took a different approach, and since Rhoads is American and myself and Kev are British, he naturally produced an article twice as long and three times duller.

But we were all constrained by the news article format and the prize for greatest explanation of how the US government is screwing up the Internet for the world goes to what was presumably Milton [tag]Mueller[/tag]’s summary, to be found at his Internet Governance Project website.

If you ever want to discuss control of the Internet with any self-respect every again, you should read his novelistic summary document [pdf]. And if you want to review all the raw material, it is now available in full here.


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15 years ago ·

The WSJ article is only about 100 words longer than mine :-)

Probably only 4.3% duller, too.

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