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What the hell is wrong with 123-Reg?

Category : Internet, Journalism · by Sep 17th, 2006

There is something seriously wrong with 123-Reg – previously the best domain purchasing company in the UK.

Today, I have moved my domain and hosting deal from them for the simple reason that… the website had completely disappeared! The hosting deal must have come to an end and yet somewhere, somehow it fell through the cracks and 123-Reg failed to tell me. I was so gobsmacked I have shifted everything over to GoDaddy.

This isn’t the only time I’ve had trouble with 123-Reg recently either – and I can see from looking on the Net that I’m not alone.

123-Reg’s support – ever since Pipex took them over, and then again recently while Pipex is going through some strange changes – has gone from bad to absolutely pointless.

I had to kill my blog with them and shift hosting because they were so completely useless and unhelpful. I hit a bandwidth limit, but rather than be informed, they just killed it. I was happy to pay for more bandwidth – which I did – but it didn’t work and they basically said they didn’t care. So I moved my hosting.

I also shifted the hosting for my site, because they were so unhelpful and so restrictive with their hosting deals. And I don’t think I’ll bother renewing my hosting deals for my other sites when they come for renewal either (assuming of course that 123-Reg bothers to tell me).

It’s not just me and it’s not just hosting either. There is an extraordinary post on the influential UK mailing list at entitled “R.I.P 123, is this the end for 123-reg?” The complaint was very worrying: “I registered a domain several hours ago with, the money was taken, yet the domain is still not registered. Anyone can go and register it.”

And again on the My Two Cents blog, Shari says, no, shouts “BOYCOTT 123-REG.CO.UK!” She has also shifted over to GoDaddy because: “My password needed to be reset since early June so I could renew a domain for my husband! And what happens?? 3 MONTHS LATER and the LOSS of my husbands domain to finally get it reset!!! Talk about BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I emailed them several times a day since June and FINALLY 2 weeks ago they reset my password… but 2 MONTHS TOO LATE!”

Something has gone very, very wrong at 123-Reg and it is directly impinging on its core technical functions. What a way to squander a reputation. I’m simply not going to stay with a company that I can’t trust to look after my domains or hosting deals.


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Phil M
10 years ago ·

I have 20 domains with 123reg all set to auto renew. One, the most important did not auto renew. I’ve used back order, 3 tickets later and I am just fobbed off. They have given me duff information. This is a major issue for me as the domain is now parked and I’m being asked $0000s to get it back. 123 reg just don’t won’t to know and not one of their responses has been satisfactory. It’s very frustrating but I am not going to give up as their system failed. It is like dealing with British Gas!

10 years ago ·

What a HUGE mistake it was for me to pick 123 reg. I am tearing my hair out right now because I can’t even install WordPress. Seems their database host names they have provided are a load of bollox. No matter how many of the stupid number of database names I enter, not a single one of them actually works. The whole CPanel is a mess too. And no WordPress installation option in sight anymore. This website as a whole looks like it was built by some retarded university student. I only decided to use it due to its popularity, and I sorely regret that now. They seem to be popular for their infamy more than anything.

10 years ago ·

I would strongly recommend avoiding this terrible company – they are genuinely the worst I’ve ever dealt with. Their unlimited hosting package is unable to deal with a simple wp site and their customer support is extremely poor!

Here’s a review I wrote on my site recently after they killed my rankings due to around two months of unexplained downtime and slow loading –

Do not use them!!!!

10 years ago ·

Every bloody time that 123-reg redesign their website and slap a load more eye-candy, it seems to get more and more useless and slower to load.

Most recent change they’ve done is to the domain forwarding list.
Previously you’d get a nice long list of your forwarded email addresses, but now they’ve ‘web 2.0-ed’ it by adding silly js boxes and large colourful buttons. It’s like “My first domain registration”.

The real kicker? It now takes longer just to see all your email addresses; the view by goes upto 25 addresses per page only. The old pages were ugly as sin, but they actually worked.

The new floaty box thing to add another forwarder is unresponsive and buggy, and doesn’t update properly.

Load of cack.

9 years ago ·

If you do have a problem with you can ask for help and advise from ICANN – .123-reg have to abide by the legislation set by ICANN. after submitting a complaint, they helped me get a refund from

9 years ago ·

Just like to say 123Reg have now taken over from BT & Ryanair on my all time top 3 of crap companies with NO customer service,
1- 123Reg
3- Ryanair
if anyone is thinking of using them please do yourself the biggest favour of all time…AVOID 123Reg

9 years ago ·

I cannot believe how incompetent 123reg have now become, not only do they treble charge you for your domain names, charge you when they have not reserved the name, I paid for my and kept getting letters from the German domain holders saying that I had not paid. I sent them copy of the invoice from 123 reg only to find that they were correct and 123 had charged me but not purchased it. I have found several other that I have paid for that are still available on the open market.

They refunded me the initial over charged amount but I cannot access my complaint ticket on their system to see what they have done with the other errors, as they have also now closed the ticket on their system. Once I can get these issues sorted will transfer all my domain names.

To add insult to injury they sent me a customer service survey to complete on their customer support, so typical you cannot complete the survey due to an error on the page:


I do not know what has gone so badly wrong with this company the only things they are now missing are cowboys hats and spurs!

9 years ago ·

I can’t get 123Reg to take my money to renew my subscription as they don’t believe I am who I say I am – I have moved house and bank account since I last renewed 3 years ago.
Can I get another company to do it instead? All I am getting from them is useless chat support and requests for information I can’t provide.
Meanwhile, no email, no blog and my domains could be snatched by other people.

Keely Harris
9 years ago ·

Basically they are sh*t. It’s the only way to describe them. How can I run a business when I can’t even GET IN TO my emails??????????????
DO NOT USE 123, they are nothing but hassle, trouble and you can’t even get in touch with support!!!!!!!!

Neill Tucker
8 years ago ·

Hi all,

I’ve been with 123-reg for around 10 years and although I have not had any problems with my actual website, logging in to manage my site and access things like stats has become a nightmare. OK, I’m still on dial-up because broadband hasn’t found our corner of France yet. However, I can still buy something on amazon, find and buy something on Ebay and order some airline tickets faster than I can access my 123-reg account details – what the hell is their site doing that is so complicated?!!!! Or, are they just so busy trying to flog more services they’ve completely forgotten about serving their existing customers efficiently?

Sorry for the grumble, but I really needed to get that off my chest.


sean browne
8 years ago ·

I would just like to agree with everyone. 123-Reg are appauling and I am looking right now for a new home for my 100+ domains.
I should have moved ages ago.
* 123-reg review – Avoid like the plague *

7 years ago ·

The same thing happened where I had webhosting and a VPS for over 2 years and then suddenly when I checked it had gone – They couldn’t ( wouldn’t ) even put me on the same deal as they said it no longer existed and so effectively I would have to pay more for the same space etc.
They realised they had deleted the data and the server had been reassigned to another customer prematurely and apologised but didn’t nothing really of note to make amends.

Worst ever – and if you get try to get things addressed via their support portal, you always get on to someone who has pigeon english at best which compounds the frustration.

Stay Away for your own peace of mind !

7 years ago ·

Well I will 5000th that motion. Wish I had read this before joining 123 reg.
I have had endless problems with the since joining them just short of a year ago. Almost every time i want to send an email from my business account my mail client says the email can’t be sent because if an incorrect outgoing server. However the server details are correct. I suffered with this for a while and eventually went in to 123 reg and reset all my email accounts and info, and then re linked them with my mail client. Everything seemed to work fine just afterwards but now again today I try to send an email and low and behold, the same bollocks. So I contacted 123reg by live chat who say there is a problem at the moment and i should try again in a few hours. WTF, this is business, a few hours can mean the difference between winning or losing a contract. How useless is it that I can’t send a basic email. And this doesn’t happen occasionally, it happens almost every time i try to send an email. F*$@^&ing useless bunch of idiots! I will surely be moving web hosting companies. 1 year of 123 reg is enough for a lifetime thanks.

7 years ago ·

Scandalous they are!

I have two domains registered with domain registrar for community websites which serve the table tennis community in and around Dorset and also get a lot of hits from other places mostly people visiting Dorset and who wish to find information to play table tennis. These two domains have now been suspended by 123-reg having failed validation as per the message displayed from the whois search on nominet. I had initially reported this issue around September 25th 2014 without a proper resolution. The first line support didn’t even bothered to raise a support issue. That was the time when I contacted Nominet when I was suggested to contact 123-reg again and also was suggested to move domains to a different registrar.

As a second attempt I contacted 123-reg again on the 8th of October and having insisted issued a support ticket and subsequently closed the ticket saying the issue has been resolved. All this time I have been receiving emails from Webfusion asking me to click a link and validate my details (only Name). I did that several times but not sure why it has not validated.

Last week I had realised that my domains have been suspended pending validation from webfusion. I had contacted them again on the 27th October 2014 and they issued another support ticket and said the issue will be resolved within 24 hours. I had contacted them again on the 28th October and wanted to talk to a manager and I was denied the opportunity. In spite of several updates on the ticket they neither resolved the issue nor escalated the issue to a manager. They haven’t even provided information about what the problem was and when it will be resolved.

I had updated the call with several messages asking for information and escalation but fell on deaf ears. I think this registrar is scandalous. The one thing they do very promptly and I repeat very promptly was to nick money on time when the domains due for renewal. Apart from that they clearly lack in customer support and issue resolution. I really don’t care what and how they do but I need the issue be resolved quickly as I feel the registrar has let the community down by not resolving the issue quickly.

7 years ago ·

OK – 123-reg sucks – BECAUSE:

As it turns out, the default settings on the server are for log files to grow infinitely. Not being a server guru, I would never guess that something like that needs to be set differently from the default setting. Needless to say, after a few months the logfiles are so huge that the server stops running. I open a support ticket, but after several hours no response. I have to wait until 9:00 AM until the support phones are answered. Fun enough now? All day, the server is not working, tickets are answered only after lengthy phone calls or harsh messages on 123-reg FB page. More fun. The evening rolls around and I am informed that the admins have gone home and will look at this in the morning. that means by morning the server will have been down 24 hrs and they will only START trying to fix it. That is not support, that is a complete disaster. Not for 123-reg. They have lots of unwitting customers. but for a small business like mine, (I am hosting other websites) it is the kiss of death.
DO NOT USE 123-reg if you really need your server to be on line.
the really funny thing? the last support person I spoke with (Luke) told me that the server isn’t actually off line, it’s just that it isn’t working. Unbelievable!

OK, off to find more review site to warn people.

6 years ago ·

I could not cancel my website. I made phone calls. Sent letters and emails bounces back.
Is this a company not.
Customer service promised me to cancel. Later did not do that.
again charges around £50.
I am crying . Dont know what to do ?
Last option would be going to money claim online and ombudsman services.

Also going to report it to bbc.


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