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Stephen Cohen rewrites history

Category : Internet, Journalism, · by Dec 21st, 2006

Stephen Michael Cohen, the man who stole the domain and is currently out of jail, has embarked on a touch of history rewriting, starting with the various entries of Wikipedia that deal with the case.

The Stephen M Cohen entry has been redirected to “Stephen Cohen” by Cohen himself, and all the information has been pulled out of it to be replaced with Cohen’s assertion that the story is incorrect.

In a first edit, he outlined his current fantasy that the case will be reversed based on Gary Kremen’s lack of standing. Unfortunately the judge already ruled very clearly on that issue about four years ago, so I’m not sure why Cohen keeps focussing on this.

But he turned abusive as he decided to have a go at Gary Kremen’s entry.

The Stephen Cohen page now has the minimal (Stephen Cohen-produced): “Stephen Michael Cohen This case is currently before the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and the case number is 98-CV-20718 JW.”

He has also been at the page. He simply wiped the whole page and put in its place: “This whole story is nothing but all bullshit and has been ordered removed!”. His edit has since been taken off and the page returned.


And then, of course, Gary Kremen’s page was vandalised. Cohen made a series of edits, eventually settling for: “Gary Kremen is a fuck up person who is a bi sexual homosexual.” It has also been reversed.

This isn’t the first time Cohen has rewritten and vandalised Wikipedia articles over In fact, he made basically exactly the same edits around this time last year, just before he was arrested when his daughter-in-law was arrested for smuggling marijuana across the Mexican border and he found out that Kremen’s lawyers has interviewed her in jail.

You can see all Cohen’s edits this time round as SCohen15 here. Interestingly, he hasn’t touched Charles Carreon’s page this time. Yet.


Also Cohen has apparently started calling Kremen and is threatening to sue everyone (me included) for their various nefarious antics. I am happy to talk to Steve about the case before the final changes are made to the book. I will try to see if I can get his number.

But there you go, I wondered what kind of mood Cohen would be in when he was released. Bitter, it would seem.


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Jeremy Malcolm
15 years ago ·

Someone just reverted Stephen M Cohen back too.

15 years ago ·

Hi there, I read about your ongoing work regarding the piece by Violet Blue in the San Francisco Chronicle. In it she mentions that Cohen befriended Michael Milken while in federal prison in 2005…I’m wondering where that info came from? Milken hasn’t been in prison in years…do you know where that citation is from?

15 years ago ·

It’s a good piece but she’s made a small mistake with the Milken connection.

Cohen met Milken back in the 1990s when he was in jail for bankruptcy fraud, false statements, obstruction of justice. He was in there from Jan 1992 to Feb 1995.

I don’t who he met in San Jose jail these past 12 months or so.


Patrick Jones
15 years ago ·

Kieren, FYI Gary Kremen’s case against ARIN over IP addresses has been dismissed with prejudice:

15 years ago ·

Yes. A real shame I think, as the RIRs have to be modernised very soon and this case could have forced that change through.

As it was the case was dismissed not on the merits of the arguments but on the long time delay between ARIN refusing to hand over the IP block and Kremen suing.

You’d think he’d have learned his lesson from the Cohen case – where NSI and Cohen very nearly managed to get the whole case kicked out because of the statute of limitations.


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