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Review of by Kev Murphy

Category : Domain names, Internet, Journalism, · by Aug 1st, 2007

Kevin Murphy, a British IT journo based in the US, has done a review of my book on his blog.

He likes it. Which is nice since he is one of roughly three journalists in the world who understand the domain name system and its history. You can read it all here.

I like the opening line: “This is easily the funnest tech industry book I’ve read in a long time.”

I’m still don’t know where things are at with the US publisher, or this bloke in New York was interested in making a screenplay out of the book, or if I’m ever going to make any money from the book. Still, what does it matter in the wider scheme of things? I managed to write a book and people seem to enjoy it.


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Paul Levins
14 years ago ·

Screenplay? Given you’re essentially one of the characters in the whole story, who would play you? I’ll start what I hope will be an entertaining set of suggestions: If he stayed out of the sun for a year, put glasses on and got bags under his eyes from ‘Internetting’ all night (Hey! I think I just created a verb!), I think Matt Damon could do it. Then again a more likely choice might be Daniel Radcliffe. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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