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Too much bloody work

Category : General, ICANN · by Jan 29th, 2008

It’s been six weeks since I last posted here. That can’t be good. And I have a ton of stuff to get out of my mind through my fingers. The one-day trivia brain of Los Angelenos; the US presidential election process; the insane bureaucracy and mind-control of this peculiar and remarkable country. Plus, lots of pics – some with world famous stars of the screen. And the tale of trying to get hold of my possessions after 16 weeks now.

Why is this material still in my brain and not on the page? Because of work. Too much work. Far too much work. This job is a constant invitation to burn-out. I think it is the three international meetings a year that is what really makes the workload impossible: there is never more than a week in which you can get on with all those things that need quiet periods to get done. I thank god that the cycle ride home (along the beach – it’s nice, even in crap weather) is 35 minutes. It’s the one conscious hour of the day I can’t be at my laptop. Although I did take two phonecalls on my way in this morning. How long before I’m balancing the Dell on my handlebars, trying to pick up WiFi signals from the beach houses?

Still, I’m going to Delhi in a week’s time. It’ll mean 37 hours in economy there and back (I’ll be in London, Paris and Vienna briefly if anyone desperately wants to meet up), but I should have time to go see the Taj Mahal at some point. And I’ve always fancy seeing that and India. The urge to take off a month and travel the sub-continent is pretty intense, I have to say. Anyway, more work, then sleep, then more work…


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14 years ago ·

Hi Kieren,

You mean you don’t have a bicycle with a Wimax fitted access terminal yet? Shocking! :)

Seriously it might sound odd, I didn’t learn to drive until far later than I should have done. Moved 100+ miles away from home and used to catch the train back every other weekend… I actually miss that “dead” time now, 3+ hours each way with a book (getting a seat was invariably an issue so the laptop was out!)… I need to make time in my life for that time again (although maybe not on crowded trains!)….

Hence I’m reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done… It’s starting to have a positive effect – I just need to find time to finish reading it (I’ll fit it into my busy schedule sometime!!!).


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