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Coldplay given extension in Satriani court case

Category : General · by Mar 9th, 2009

This may well be old news by now but I’ve only just seen it having got back from a grueling two-week ICANN meeting in Mexico City.

Coldplay – well, its record company Capitol – was granted an extension for filing its response to the Joe Satriani court case where he claims Coldplay ripped off his If I Could Fly single in their single Viva la Vida.

Judge Dean D. Pregerson agreed on 20 February that Capitol would now have until 6 April 2009 to file its response.

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Sean Fleming
13 years ago ·

Most of Coldplay’s output reminds me of something else – usually something I don’t like.

They should settle it with a knife-fight. Joe looks pretty bad-ass to me!

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