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Happy Birthday to me

Category : General · by Aug 12th, 2009

Today’s my 34th birthday and I’m writing this post the evening before because I think I might give myself a break from all electronics for the day.

This time last year I took the day off and went surfing. I think I might do the same tomorrow. I have taken the day off work and made it as plain as I can that I won’t be doing any work at all. That’s what I think your birthday should be for – to take a day in the year for getting on with whatever you want to get on with.

Currently I’m thinking: surfing and then fixing up my van. Or I may just hang out by the beach and do little, have a few beers and talk to a few of Venice’s lively locals.

Why should any of you care about this? You shouldn’t. And if you are reading this, thinking how lovely it sounds to have a day to spend how you wish. Well, then you need to take a day off. I guarantee you the world will continue to revolve when you get back.


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Debbie Craig
12 years ago ·

Where the hell are you?
I’ve been sitting at this table in Thai Corner since 2007.
I could have sworn you said get a table for 2 atthe 7o’clock sitting?
Happy birthday

12 years ago ·

@ Debbie: LOL. I miss Thai Corner. I hope they’ve been feeding you well for the past two years. I’ll be back in the UK for Xmas – can we make sure we don’t miss each other this time?

Please shoot me an email telling me what is going on in your life.


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