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Bird of Paradise shoot

Category : Photographs · by Sep 20th, 2009

Is this a flower reaching out of my Bird of Paradise – or just another leaf?

One of the things I love about Los Angeles (well, Southern California) is the abundance of the Bird of Paradise and its extraordinary bright orange (though sometimes black) unfurled mohican flower.

So when I moved to my new flat and had room, I bought one, with the salesman telling me it would flower in July/August (i.e. a few months’ time). It’s now mid-September and nothing. But the plant(s) do occasionally shoot out a long green stem that promises to provide one, only to unfurl across its length rather than at the top and reveal another enormous bright green leaf.

Anyway, the shoot in the picture looks promising to me and I am keeping my fingers crossed. Incidentally I am thinking of using the first flower from my plant as the buttonhole thing for my wedding. Not sure how that works – presumably it would have to be very fresh.

One more vaguely interesting thing – this whole post has been put together through a WordPress iPhone app – interested to see how it fares.


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12 years ago ·

Quite update: it was a leaf. Sigh.


10 years ago ·

Sorry about that. I bought one recently. I have a shoot. I know it’s a leaf. I just want to know how long it takes for a leaf to unfurl. Thx.

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