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MacBook Pro zooming browser problem

Category : General ยท by Dec 1st, 2009

This is just a quick blog post sharing some useful information about a problem with the new MacBook Pro trackpad.

The trackpad on the new Pro is an all-in-one piece. So, if like me, you have grown the habit of resting one finger on the bottom in order to be able to click, you will probably find that when you try to move the cursor, you keep zooming in and out on your browser because the computer thinks you are doing a “pinch”.

I tried to unlearn this habit but after several weeks I’m still doing it and it is driving me nuts, so here are two solutions if you are having the same problem.

The one I’m using: changing settings in Firefox. This only works if you use Firefox as your browser, of course.

Type “about:config” into a blank page and it brings up Firefox settings. Scroll down to “”, click it, and then remove the command there – delete all the letters (“cmd_fullZoomReduce”). Then do the same for “browser.gesture.pinch.out” and “cmd_fullZoomEnlarge”.

Option two is much broader. A bit of software called MultiClutch lets you customise the “gestures” you make on the trackpad. It’s designed to allow you to create keyboard shortcuts but can be used to make things not happen – such as the incessant zooming.

I’ve not used this – I try to avoid using beta software from third parties that affects core functions – but browsing online people seem to have found this useful.

You add your browser to the application list and create two new rules – Zoom In and Zoom Out – and then set them to do nothing. I may look into this if I find my Firefox solution doesn’t work.

Hope this post helps someone out there.


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