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Category : Domain names, Internet, Journalism ยท by Jan 27th, 2010

Enough to pay $12,000 for it?

I just got the results for the Domainfest first-day auction, described as “very strong” by Oversee’s main on the ground, Mason. Certainly looks better than last year, which was a bit of a wash-out. Is this another sign the economy is finally picking up?

Anyway, of 73 domains, 49 were sold totaling $150,950.00. It’s good but it still seems under-par. Oversee’s CEO Jeff Kupietzky alluded to this in his opening speech. Jeff believes that this is early days, that the world of domains will explode some time soon, like a real estate boom.

Maybe he’s right; maybe he needs to persuade himself he’s right, with a portfolio of one million domains that will cost over $5 million a year in holding fees. I’ll ask him tomorrow morning.

Here’s a random selection of domains, prices and mindless comments from me from the list: – $12,000 – really? – $12,000 – because it’s sort-of like “fucks”? – $7,500 – I think this is a cracker – $5,500 – pretty good. Can’t decide whether more or less useful in a bad economy – $1,600 – Gallows humour if you think the domain is worth this much – $1,000 – you’d think that was worth more – maybe *too* generic – $900 – waste of money – $500 – I’d say that was worth it, people love searching for recipes online

And the lowest sold: for $100.


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