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Talking about on NPR’s On the Media

Category : · by Feb 28th, 2010

I recorded a show for National Public Radio’s (NPR) On the Media show earlier this week talking about, my book about it and the domain’s upcoming auction next month.

The show played this morning. You can see the NPR page (with transcript) at And listen to the show below:

[audio:|titles=NPR’s On the Media (26 Feb 10)]

Here’s what NPR has to say of the show:

On March 18th, a public auction will be held in Midtown Manhattan. On the block?, one of the most coveted pieces of internet real estate, ever. But be warned. Sex dot com comes with a long and troubled past. It’s all chronicled by Kieren McCarthy in SEX.COM: One Domain, Two Men, Twelve Years and the Brutal Battle for the Jewel in the Internet’s Crown.


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12 years ago ·

Is it my imagination, or has your accent changed a little in the last few years? ;)

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Michael Sprague
12 years ago ·

@Kevin; You are probably correct. That happens when you spend too much time in southern California.

12 years ago ·

Yes, I know. Happens everytime. In Paris accent changed through having to get baguettes and malboro lights; in Los Angeles getting, of all things, water. Nottingham. Newquay. London. Guildford. God knows what kind of accent I’ll end up with by the time I’m 50.

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