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The bankruptcy court doc

Category : Domain names, Internet, · by Mar 18th, 2010

The auction for was due to be held in New York a few hours ago but, as became clear last night, creditors of the current owner, Escom, forced through an involuntary bankruptcy which has caused the auction to be “postponed”.

Thanks to the court document [pdf] filed here in Los Angeles, we now have a little bit more information about who the creditors are and what they are owed. Washington Technology Associates is owed $6.6 million; iEntertainment, $3.5 million; and a tiny $7,800. All three companies list the same address in Maryland.

No one is talking at the moment so Escom remains somewhat of a mystery, as it has been since it first bought off Gary Kremen in 2004 for $12 million. But with all the media attention on an auction [pdf] that was pulled at the last minute, you have to admit that the world surrounding is never dull.


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Stephane Van Gelder
12 years ago ·

Enchères annulées sur…

Décidément, rien ne se passe comme prévu avec ! Les enchères programmées hier ont dû être annulées à la dernière minute. Plusieurs créanciers de Escom, société propriétaire du nom qui n’arrive pas à rembourser le prêt contracté en 2006 pour l…

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