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ICANN’s Big Night Out, Morning After plan

Category : Domain names, Funny, ICANN · by Jun 3rd, 2010

ICANN released the fourth version of its Applicant Guidebook this week. The process has been going on for so long with so many endless controversies and scandals, that those that actually want to apply for a new Internet extension have developed an amusing gallows humour.

I’ve just been sent a doctored version of a slide purporting to show the timeline for new gTLDs. It comes from a long-suffering wannabe applicant who has developed a new “Big Night Out, Morning After” model to explain ICANN’s policy and implementation processes.

Enjoy. (Click for larger version.)


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Paul Foody
11 years ago ·

Hey Kieren
Really disappointed to see even a small version of the Princess Diana crash photo on your site. I don’t know if its you who put it there or whether its some sort of advert over which you don’t have any control but I think its in really poor taste and is absolutely not anything I ever would have wanted to see. As I doubt I am the only person interested in your views about ICANN who thinks that way I hope you’ll do everything you can to remove it or make sure it doesn’t reappear.
Otherwise best regards.
Paul Foody

11 years ago ·

@Paul: If you click on the picture, it will go through to a blog post I wrote about the issue of the Diana crash pictures, including my reasoning about their publication.

I know I write alot about ICANN but I have been a professional journalist for many years and written for many different industries, plus have quite a wide range of interests. If you wish, you can read only posts tagged with ‘ICANN’. Hope this helps.

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