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WordPress and Thesis: your upgrades are driving me mad

Category : Internet, Journalism · by Jul 12th, 2010

I love WordPress – the software that this blog runs on. And I love Thesis – a clever piece of software that works with WordPress to provide all sorts of clever customisations.

But the combination of them is driving me nuts at the moment. In particular, the fact that they keep bloody updating both too frequently, and each time something goes wrong with one or the other or the combination of both and then I am forced to trawl through techy posts from people who *believe* they are being clear but really aren’t.

A few months ago, I abandoned an upgrade from Thesis 1.5 to 1.7 because it destroyed the look of the site and made it unreadable (and this despite me following upgrade instructions carefully). Of course, lots of other people had the same problem and so “guides” started appearing online. I tried these guides, and it fix some issues but also created new ones. So I stepped back down to 1.5 – and found I had lost some of things I previously had.

I decided, unwisely, to try again tonight after a break. Same problem – mostly with the menu. So I decided to leapfrog 1.7 and try the beta of 1.8 which, amid all the wonderful reasons as to why you should upgrade, also noted it had fixed an issue with navigation menus. This I did and the site all appeared great. Except now the options within 1.8 don’t actual change the site – so now I have two useless menu items at the top of my blog that I don’t want and can’t get rid of.

AT THE SAME TIME as these troublesome upgrades, WordPress has put out at least three upgrades in the past few months. I had also held off upgrading for a while because of the problems I’d have in the past. But, I had used the updated versions (on new sites) and they were better, so I bit the bullet and upgraded. And then upgraded again. And then upgraded again. And now I see WordPress is urging me to upgrade a fourth time to version 3.0.

Will people PLEASE STOP PUMPING OUT NEW UPGRADES! You are turning them out too fast. You are causing people to have to constantly go back to their site and fiddle about with it, and you keep causing problems with other plugins that aren’t upgraded every bloody month. I know you think you need to do this but you don’t!

I know you think that new features that enable the user to upgrade some plugins with just a click mean that upgrades are easy and so you can do more of them – you are wrong. It is a royal pain in the arse and you are causing me and many thousands of other people alot of grief. Stop it. We use your software because it means we *don’t* have to fiddle around with code and files.

Store up your great ideas and new tweaks and resist the urge to keep banging them out like over-excited schoolboys. Please, a maximum of once a year. It really, really is not worth doing more than that. I know you think it is but can I please assure you that it isn’t.


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Roland Perry
11 years ago ·

Well said Kieren.

These sorts of “upgrade” have become beyond a joke. But I know why they do it – they wrongly assume that your life revolves around their their pet application just the same as their own life does. Wrong!

They are simply some rather boring tools we occasionally use to facilitate whatever it is *we* have that’s important in *our* lives.

11 years ago ·

WordPress is currently on a two month hiatus from asking developers to work on releasing new version 3.1. I learned this info from a recent WordCamp event I attended. They are doing it give developers a chance to take a break and look over other platform issues. I agree the constant updates (and plugin updates) are a nuisance. My domain blog is down right now (database backed up and I’m going to launch a new looking site with this week) because hackers gained entrance through a plugin I didn’t update.

Kieren – you were actually the first commenter on my domain blog :) That was when you still worked for ICANN. Remember that?

11 years ago ·

@Mike: Ah good, so clearly others have been complaining about this and the message has got through.

Not sure I remember being the first commenter on your blog – what did I say? I suspect it was either incredibly useful or slightly too aggressive.

11 years ago ·

Ya, it was useful and we disagreed on the topic :) I emailed you the link. I thought it was great dialogue for my first entry though. Thanks!

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