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You dirty sods – Flickr stats tell the naked truth

Category : Photographs · No Comments · by May 17th, 2010

Last night I uploaded some pics of the legendary Bay to Breakers running/drinking event in San Francisco, which also happens to run almost directly past my house.

I just logged into my Flickr account and saw that loads of people were looking at my pics. How come? The stats tell the whole sordid story. Yes, you dirty sods on the Internet are all going for the naked pictures – even when each one comprises of quite old, really quite out of shape naked people running.

Stats from my Flickr account showing dirty minds at work

That said, I think my absolute favourite picture is pure comedy nakedness. See below for the glorious weirdness of this pic. Only in San Francisco, my friends.

Some Affirmation snaps

Category : ICANN, Photographs · No Comments · by Oct 11th, 2009

Week before last, I was in Washington DC to see and play a small part in the signing of a new agreement between ICANN and the United States government, called the Affirmation of Commitments.

This was an important moment, not just for ICANN but also for the whole future of the Internet and its domain name system. It has been somewhat simplistically summarized as the United States letting the Internet navigate its own course, rather than decide that somehow one country’s lawmakers had a better idea how to deal with this global communications network than any other country’s. Unless you are an Internet governance addict, that explanation should suffice.

Bird of Paradise shoot

Category : Photographs · (2) Comments · by Sep 20th, 2009

Is this a flower reaching out of my Bird of Paradise – or just another leaf?

One of the things I love about Los Angeles (well, Southern California) is the abundance of the Bird of Paradise and its extraordinary bright orange (though sometimes black) unfurled mohican flower.

So when I moved to my new flat and had room, I bought one, with the salesman telling me it would flower in July/August (i.e. a few months’ time). It’s now mid-September and nothing. But the plant(s) do occasionally shoot out a long green stem that promises to provide one, only to unfurl across its length rather than at the top and reveal another enormous bright green leaf.

Anyway, the shoot in the picture looks promising to me and I am keeping my fingers crossed. Incidentally I am thinking of using the first flower from my plant as the buttonhole thing for my wedding. Not sure how that works – presumably it would have to be very fresh.

One more vaguely interesting thing – this whole post has been put together through a WordPress iPhone app – interested to see how it fares.

Sydney pics

Category : Photographs · No Comments · by Jun 15th, 2009

I arrived in Sydney very early this morning in preparation for an ICANN meeting next week. Took a stroll around the city to shake off the jet-lag and took some pics:

A fantastic piece of new artwork

Category : Photographs · No Comments · by Feb 20th, 2009

So I was in Palm Springs this weekend in an effort to get out of Los Angeles and relax a little. We stayed at The Riviera – which was apparently where Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe etc used to hang out when Palm Springs was full of young Hollywood stars rather than old gay couples.

The Riviera was great. Palm Springs was great. But the highlight of the weekend was an art show on a patch of grass that we stumbled across while having a stroll on Sunday. This is no doubt a famous show and I’m showing my ignorance, but I have to say I was impressed – the quality was very high and the prices very reasonable.

There was an artist called Greg Clarke who did some great work, using different chemicals to stain a huge piece of copper according to this designs. Mostly he drew women – faces and forms – but filled the outline with lots of other faces and people. You could spend hours looking at it – very precise and neat. Unfortunately they were also huge pieces of copper and cost a few thousand dollars each so I took his name and decided that if his pieces kept playing in my mind, I might have to do something about it.

So we wandered around some other work – lots of pictures printed on canvas, some nice landscapes, some bright and colourful cartoon-like pieces. And then I turn the corner of one of the lines of stalls and was struck dumb by a number of walls of striking beautiful Asian art. I’ve very glad they were priced reasonably as I have no doubt I would have walked away with one of these pieces, no matter what.

DOMAINfest pictures

Category : Domain names, Photographs · (1) Comment · by Jan 29th, 2009

I’ll be taking pictures at DOMAINfest today and sticking them on Flickr – and possibly here – with a CreativeCommons license (free non-commercial use; attribution required). The stream is below:

Sunset in Venice

Category : Photographs · (2) Comments · by Jan 17th, 2009

One of the bizarre but wonderful things about living in Los Angeles is that when all your friends are freezing cold or trapped under the snow in January, you get to walk in the sun and witness the most extraordinary sunsets.

Last night I saw the makings of an extraordinary sunset and jumped on my bike to Venice to get some snaps. Here’s one and under that, a Flickr feed of the rest:

The Internet Governance Forum in pictures

Category : Internet governance, Photographs, Technology · (2) Comments · by Nov 4th, 2006

I was at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens last week taking pictures, among other things. I have finally been through all the snaps and have posted a few below amid a quick rundown of events.

IGF main room empty

The remainder can be found at my IGF photo gallery/archive at If anyone has any questions or queries, please email me at: kieren [at]

A brief visit to ICANN

Category : ICANN, Internet governance, Photographs · (6) Comments · by Oct 4th, 2006

I’m currently in San Diego finishing up my research on the book. And I figured that while on this side of the world, I would take up an invitiation to go see ICANN at its Los Angeles headquarters in Marina Del Rey.