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My application for the ICANN Board

After several weeks’ serious deliberation I have decided to put myself forward to the ICANN Nominating Committee and stand for one of three vacant Board positions in December. I just sent the email.

It is with some nervousness that I have applied, I have to confess. Even if I was fortunate enough to be chosen, it is a lot of work being an ICANN Board member, and it is also inevitable that the others would initially be wary of me because of my job. Still, I have had a growing sense of having to do this because, after all, a job is just a job but this would be an opportunity to do something to be proud of. If I wasn’t nervous, it would probably not be worth doing.

Anyway, in keeping with my main point that ICANN needs to open itself up if it hopes to become the organisation it is capable of becoming, I have decided to make my entire application public knowledge. The current NomCom process is entirely confidential and secret, and while I can understand the logic behind it, I honestly believe that here is a great opportunity to point out the advantages of being open.

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