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A Sunday Times article what was written for me

I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned it but I’ve written this book about an extraordinary battle over the domain name, and it was officially out on Monday.

I’ve been trying, naturally enough, to push this fact into the media, and I was delighted when my publisher’s publicity woman Lucy Ramsey told me that the Sunday Times News Review was interested in running a piece on it. I’ve always been a big fan of the New Review section of the Sunday Times. If ever I kept a section of the hugely bulky paper, it was this. And I remember thinking way back in the past that I would love to have a piece in it. Well, I was asked to do a piece for it. It was the worst possible timing of course – I have a huge amount of work on – but I did without sleep for two days and produced an article which I rather liked and sent it.

And the commissioning editor didn’t like it. But she was very pleasant about it and didn’t say “I don’t like it” but offered some other feasible reason. I agreed to rewrite it. So I wrote another version. I like this version too. Anyway, at 8.15pm, I get an email on my Blackberry saying that the piece was ready to go, they had made a few changes, but if I have any problems please call – she’ll be there until 10.30pm. My Blackberry would only show the first four paras or so, but it was clear it has been comprehensively rewritten. I asked her to add whoever had rehashed it to the byline. She said, no it was fine.

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Decide the tagline – but fast

The tagline for my book on the saga has to be with the publishers on Thursday i.e. in two days.

We – meaning me and the publisher – are still undecided so here is your chance to have some fun and help me out. There are a list below of the sort of variations we came up with a few months ago – they are also on the poll on the right. So, please, vote but also please offer your suggestions and variations. And do so quick. A signed book and a beer to whoever nails it…

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The Magic Paintbrush – Part III

Here is the third and final part of a favourite childhood story of mine, The Magic Paintbrush, adapted by Fran Hunia from the traditional Chinese tale in 1979, and illustrated by Martin Aitchison.

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The Magic Paintbrush – Part II

Here is the second part of one of my favourite two childhood stories, The Magic Paintbrush, adapted by Fran Hunia from the traditional Chinese tale in 1979, and wonderfully illustrated by Martin Aitchison.

The first part came be found here. And the third and final part is here. I will stick up the next few days. Enjoy.

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My favourite childhood story – The Magic Paintbrush

I was pathetically pleased over the weekend to come across an absolute favourite story book of mine from when I was a child.

I was visiting my parents for Easter and have occasionally had a look for this particular set of story books but never found them. Anyway, my sister somehow knew where they were so (under the eves, accessed through a tiny door down the side of my brother’s bed) and dug them out for me.

There was two in particular that I loved – The Magic Paintbrush, and The Magic Stone, for reasons I hope become apparent. I loved the illustrations as well – done by Martin Aitchison. Mr Aitchison has his own website where he also sells original illustrations. I note there is a Magic Painbrush one there for £300.

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Bastard Inertia, the book crusher

I have a new enemy which I thought I would make brief mention of. I call him Bastard Inertia. A…

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New shelves, new folders, same problems

They say “tidy desk, tidy mind” and I have to say I largely agree. But a “tidy mind” is only…

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