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USG Submission to the GAC Scorecard re New gTLDs

Background: At a meeting in December, the ICANN Board and GAC agreed to a special session to be held in…

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ICANN Day 3: Good news all around

I’ll be honest: I didn’t go to many Wednesday sessions at ICANN Brussels. At least not physically. The remote participation…

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ICANN Day 2: The bells! The bells!

Nothing aids careful discussion and debate more than loud repetitive ringing. So thank you the Square Meeting Centre in Brussels…

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ICANN Day 1: Was it – dare we say it – actually fun?

After a slumbering, almost tedious, first day, the meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) came…

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Beckstrom: You are not a pipe

ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom gave a defiant opening speech at the opening of the organization’s meeting in Brussels. Answering accusations…

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ICANN Day 0: A lot of yakking, a little movement

Strolling through Parc de Bruxelles at 8.30am, with barely a soul in sight, and only the occasional car on the…

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