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How many mags for just hair do you think there are?

A wise man accepts that he knows nothing.

I am not a wise man because I continually find things that, despite everything I have learnt up to that point, I find completely incomprehensible. You may accept that you don't know alot of things, or that lots of people know alot more than you, or that no matter what you do you will never know as much as you should. But you like to think you at least have a handle on what is possible.

So I'm in Borders in Oxford. Borders has the best range of magazines in Oxford, better than WH Smith, better than anyone. I occasionally treat myself to a magazine that I have either never seen before or never read before.

Today, I saw a magazine that looked exactly like every other woman's magazine but was called, simply, Hair. Yes, it was a monthly magazine purely about hair. Nothing but hair. What hair people have, what you can do with hair, what products to buy for your hair and, of course, lots and lots of pictures of models with great hair.

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