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Why ICANN doesn’t need to go back to the GAC over dot-xxx

This Friday, it looks as though the ICANN Board will follow the clear conclusions drawn by its independent review and…

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Summary/analysis of dot-xxx issue

I have spent the past week going through literally thousands of comments about whether there should be a new dot-xxx…

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ICANN Board sticks .xxx on public agenda

The ICANN Board has stuck discussion of the dot-xxx Internet extension on the agenda for its public meeting on 12…

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Watch out: .xxx is coming to an Internet near you soon

So I think there is a real chance that the Internet extension .xxx will appear on the Internet some time…

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.xxx top-level domain back on the agenda

Well, Stuart Lawley won’t take no for any answer and .xxx has popped up on the ICANN agenda again, this time with such extraordinary controls and safeguards that it makes you wonder whether the business case is still there.

Contrary to common belief, the .xxx domain was never ruled out. In fact, because it had been officially approved by the ICANN Board before the US government, among others, went ballistic, the official line has always been that the contract drawn up wasn’t right.

And so ICM Registry has gone away and come back with yet more changes and yet more wording and concessions in a bid to get .xxx through. There is a lot in there and the wording is pretty uncompromising.

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.xxx refusal was a stitch-up: Official

I’ve just got off the phone from an ICANN press conference with CEO Paul Twomey regarding the decision by ICANN to refuse the .xxx registry application.

And it has done little but confirm my already solid belief that the whole refusal was a poorly choreographed exit from a politically difficult situation.

Politically difficult for who? For the US government – thanks to a large pressure group of right-wing Christians with close ties to the US administration.

So what? A very small group of people in one country, with little understanding of the issues, has managed to bypass all the organisations and mechanisms in place and determine the future of the Internet (that global medium used by hundreds of millions of people).

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