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United Nations continues to undermine Internet Governance Forum

The first preparatory meeting for the 2011 Internet Governance Forum has ended with a significant degree of uncertainty thanks to…

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IGF Day 4: The end is not nigh

Having spent the past three days grumbling and moaning about the Internet Governance Forum 2010, I pre-decided it was time…

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IGF Day 2 and 3: Silence the Lambs

If you were to list Internet conferences in terms of boredom, the IGF would come mid to top-table. It doesn’t…

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IGF workshops: protecting the consumer and digital inclusion

I was the remote moderator for two workshops at the IGF today: Digital inclusion: reaching the most socially excluded people…

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IGF Day 1: The sound and the fury

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. And Lithuania is north-east of Poland and underneath Finland. In an exhibition center on…

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The UN’s main IGF representative losing it on screen

I posted the video of the United Nations’ representative Sha Zukang losing it about a week ago but forgot to…

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IGF 2009: Dull speeches and bad wine

So I’m sat in the opening ceremony of the Internet Governance Forum in Sharm El Sheikh – a cosy cinema…

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Leaving ICANN, off to greener pastures

I am leaving my job as general manager of public participation for ICANN on 25 November. Yesterday, the COO sent…

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The Internet Governance Forum – third time lucky

I was at the United Nations in Geneva last week to watch what was happening to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as it prepares for its third outing, this December in Hyderabad, India.

Actually I was there for a different reason – an ICANN consultative meeting on the future of the organization the morning before the UN meeting – but it seemed daft to fly all that way and not check out the day of open discussions about the IGF. Plus I have a real soft spot for the IGF and the people that have worked extremely hard to make it a success.

I was a witness to the IGF’s creation, on paper, at the World Summit on the Information Society back in 2005, and then followed it all the way through various preparatory sessions as a reporter.

At the inaugural IGF in Athens, I was asked to be the conference’s “blogger-in-chief” – a position that, ironically enough, my current employer tried to veto. As a semi-official part of the IGF, I also got to see behind the scenes, and was impressed with the hard work, dedication and calm handling of what was an enormous and risky experiment. A lot of people at the time confessed to turning up just to see what would happen – spectators to what could have been the biggest diplomatic car crash for a decade. In the end, despite the odds, it shone through.

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Welcome to Geneva – the entire city is fully booked

If anyone ever wondered whether the Internet was vital, or if the new Internet Governance Forum suffered from a lack…

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