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Dynamic Coalition for Online Collaboration

I have just announced the creation of the “dynamic coalition” for online collaboration in the IGF meeting in Geneva. Effectively…

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Some stats on the IGF Athens meeting

The Greek delegate has just spoken at the stocktaking meeting of the Internet Governance Forum in Geneva. He gave some…

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The Internet rollercoaster starts up the track again: IGF in Geneva

I am in Geneva for a stock-take of the first Internet Governance Forum in Athens last November. It should be…

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So, I took this job at ICANN…

Starting 5 February, I will be the “general manager, public participation” for ICANN – an organisation I have closely followed…

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Online participation website for ICANN

So I was asked by ICANN’s “executive officer and vice president for corporate affairs” Paul Levins to do an online participation website for its meeting in São Paulo, starting officially on Monday.

Paul was at the IGF in Athens last month and saw the site that Jeremy and I had done for the IGF in order to try to get some online interaction both by people that couldn’t be there and by those that were there. In fact, in retrospect, the whole thing dovetailed with a conversation I had had with Paul when I visited ICANN in Los Angeles on a whim two months ago.

Despite alot of well-founded criticism of ICANN in the past (much of it from me) about the organisation being secretive, insular, opaque and whatever other term you wish to use, it struck me that ICANN had actually taken the criticism on board this time and was looking for ways to open up a bit.

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UN asks for Net governance forum feedback

The secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum, part of the United Nations, has updated its website to include all the…

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Guardian article on the IGF

I’ve a piece in The Guardian today which is a broad summary of the IGF last week. It basically says…

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IGF: The *real* story

You’ve seen the show, read the reviews, bought the T-shirt, but now it’s time to reveal the *real* Internet Governance…

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The Internet Governance Forum in pictures

I was at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens last week taking pictures, among other things. I have finally…

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IGF: The good, the bad and the psycho cleaners

The Greeks drove me to it. Last night, under the cover of conference quietness, I sneaked into the Apollon hotel…

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