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The UN’s main IGF representative losing it on screen

I posted the video of the United Nations’ representative Sha Zukang losing it about a week ago but forgot to…

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Who loves the Internet more: Obama or the Pope?

It seems that the Internet is catching on with the most powerful men in the world. Both the Pope and the new US president Barack Obama have this week announced new web strategies and told anyone that would listen how much they love this Internet.

The conversion is hardly surprising – both men derive most of their enormous power from being able to communicate directly to millions. And if there’s one thing the Internet does well, it is mass communication. Here the question though: who loves the Internet more: Obama or the Pope?

Let’s find out in a head-to-head competition…

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ICANN approves dotcom contract, signs own death warrant

I have been determinedly trying not to write any news stories so I can get on with writing the book but I got a phonecall very early this morning from the spokesman for ICANN explaining that late last night the Board had approved the new contract for the dotcom registry.

“Were there any changes made to it?” I asked.
“Ummm, no,” he replied.

So that's how I first heard of ICANN's impending death.

In fact, before I even go into the contract and what is means, I think it's worth pointing out that I also sent a series of emails to a number of ICANN Board members exactly a month ago. In each I explained that I was “putting the questions to you which, through past experience of these things, I will be asking anyway in a month's time”.

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WSIS: US stands firm on status quo

The most important people have now spoken at the first resumed discussion of Internet governance – and it looks as though a big fight is brewing.

The US has, unsurprisingly, stood firm and demanded the status quo be maintained. Having finally got the microphone working – something that added a somewhat testy edge to the statement, the US representative went on:

“If the Internet is to reach its full potential as a medium it is vital that it is free from burdensome inter-governmental control.” The strength of the Internet is in its decentralisation and the suggested changes to this existing mechanisms and organisations would be an “obstacle to globalisation”.

He ended by calling on “all our colleagues to work with us”.

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T-Mobile caught out purposefully misleading customers

I was very nearly tied into a 12-month contract with T-Mobile. In fact, I only had two days left before my seven-day grace period with my new phone ran out. The issue was that I had chosen a new phone for one reason and one reason only – I wanted to be able to pick up my email on it.

I received the phone and spent four days calling T-Mobile and Nokia and trawling the Internet to try to get my phone to work (to access my email) but even inputting numerous settings into the phone by hand didn't word. Finally I popped into Carphone Warehouse and the bloke there told me that T-Mobile simply did not allow me to pick up external email – at all.

This was news to me. So I called T-Mobile for the third time that week, determined to get a straight answer.

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