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Who should control the Internet?

It is going to be a particularly crazy year in terms of Internet policy and governance, maybe even more than…

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ITU Plenipot: Happy talking, talking, happy talk

In the 1990s, on Channel 4 in the UK, the Pakistani team game Kabbadi was shown Sunday mornings for several…

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ITU Plenipot: Old men and young women

The International Telecommunication Union is a walking contradiction. There are many things wrong with the organisation: its closed nature; its…

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ITU Plenus Potens: Locked in a room, locked in time

The International Telecommunication Union is a walking contradiction. I’m here in Guadalajara, Mexico at the organisation’s Plenipotentiary – a meeting…

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US government gets a Net kick in the teeth

I have finally finished my analysis of the 632 comments sent to the NTIA following its Notice of Inquiry over the continued role of ICANN as Internet overseer, and it’s going to come as a shock to the US government.

A remarkable 87.3 percent of comments that discussed the USG’s role said it should transition itself away from complete control to a more international body. ICANN fared little better: 63.4 percent of comments about it varied from critical to downright hostile.

Yes, I have bothered to go through every single comment, read every single word and do an analysis. The only analysis I didn’t do (and which now I cannot summon the energy to do) was to find out what percentage of the comments came from which region (mostly inside the US and outside the US) – so if someone wants to…

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