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Jim Davies resignation letter as Nominet director, 20 Jan 09

Resignation letter from Jim Davies, Nominet director, 20 January 2009 Dear Mr Gilbert I hereby tender my resignation as a…

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Nominet Board fight rolls on

Yet another extraordinary statement has come out of Nominet – the .uk registry owner – today. This time, the chairman Bob Gilbert lambastes a “number of false allegations” made in a resignation letter from former director Jim Davies.

The letter was posted on the Nominet members’ private mailing list, nom-steer, and contains “sensitive and confidential board and HR matters”. The letter provides details of an executive compensation package, accusing the CEO of unfairly profiting from the non-profit organization, and also alleges that the previous head of IT – a very nice bloke called Jay Daley – was kicked out the company for raising a concern about the CEO’s behaviour. This is just the latest dispatch in a particular nasty fight at the heart of Nominet.

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Nominet wins EGM votes – but only just

Nominet very narrowly scraped the 90 percent it needed to be able to expand beyond the .uk registry this morning in Oxford.

In fact, 90.97 percent – which in reality meant that a Nominet member or two either way would have seen the whole thing fall over. I’m very pleased this got through. I think Nominet should be able to move into other areas – particularly ENUM and particularly the next generation of Net infrastructure. The domain name system in itself is a set system now and despite the expansion in new gTLDs, and the upcoming IDNs, it’s not where the growth and Nominet has bigger eyes and better talent than that.

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