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Review of by Kev Murphy

Kevin Murphy, a British IT journo based in the US, has done a review of my book on his blog.

He likes it. Which is nice since he is one of roughly three journalists in the world who understand the domain name system and its history. You can read it all here.

I like the opening line: “This is easily the funnest tech industry book I’ve read in a long time.”

I’m still don’t know where things are at with the US publisher, or this bloke in New York was interested in making a screenplay out of the book, or if I’m ever going to make any money from the book. Still, what does it matter in the wider scheme of things? I managed to write a book and people seem to enjoy it.

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Steven Forrest outed as Bill Hobbs

Steven Forrest – the hopelessly biased blogger of Free2Innovate (aka Free2Fabricate) – has been outed as Bill Hobbs, a right-wing political blogger who receives payment for anonymously pushing corporate lines.

It’s long been known that Steven Forrest is a pseudonym and it has been widely assumed he was in the pay of VeriSign for the simple reason that every single blog posting over the past few years has agreed with VeriSign’s corporate line, and that Mr Forrest has frequently acquired information that only an internet insider would know of, yet he never attends meetings and no one has ever met him.

Kevin Murphy discovered that Steven Forrest was in fact Bill Hobbs well over a year ago, and my investigations led me to the exact same conclusion but having been unable to find any evidence that he was being paid by VeriSign, let the matter drop.

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The blessing and the curse of public attention

I have written two stories this week about the NTIA’s public consultation in an effort to get people enthused about…

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ICANN approves .redneck

I’ve just seen this spoof of the .xxx registry process, ICANN, US interference and so on.

If you don’t know know what all of the above means, or who Paul Twomey, Viviane Reding, Mike Palage etc are, you won’t find it funny. If you do, you’ll love it.

ICANN Approves Dot-Redneck Domain

The Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers today announced that its board of directors voted unanimously to approve a new “.redneck” top-level internet domain.

The vote comes after a grueling three-day approval process that saw the successful registry spend almost $100 on application fees and lobbying.

“We’re very pleased with the result,” .redneck sponsor Dr Dobson Perkins said in a statement. “This new top-level domain finally cordons off a special ‘red-state district’ of the internet for every god-fearing, fag-hating patriot in the country.”

Read the rest at Texturbation…

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