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ISOC CEO to be decided later this week

A crucial appointment for the future of Internet governance The new CEO of the Internet Society will be decided at…

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Nominet non-exec directors letter of support to CEO & Chair, 12 Nov 08

Letter of support for Nominet CEO and Chairman from current non-exec directors, 12 November 2008 Dear Bob & Lesley, We…

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Angus Hanton resignation letter as Nominet director, 12 Nov 08

Resignation letter from Angus Hanton, Nominet director, 12 November 2008 Dear Board and Co. Secretary, I am resigning my position…

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Jim Davies resignation letter as Nominet director, 20 Jan 09

Resignation letter from Jim Davies, Nominet director, 20 January 2009 Dear Mr Gilbert I hereby tender my resignation as a…

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Update on the Nominet Board fight

One day after the first announcement that angrily refused claims made in a resignation letter by former Nominet director Jim Davies, the .uk registry operator put out a second announcement covering in some detail why it believes Davies’ accusations are false and without merit.

The statement providing significant information about the executive compensation package that Davies had complained was providing the CEO with a large sum of money. It also deals with his accusation concerning the chairman’s role on the Renumeration Committee.

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ccTLD managers’ letter of support to Nominet CEO and Chair, 18 Nov 08

To the stakeholders of the United Kingdom’s country code top level domain .uk 18 November 2008. Subject: Nominet Dear Sir,…

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Nominet Board fight rolls on

Yet another extraordinary statement has come out of Nominet – the .uk registry owner – today. This time, the chairman Bob Gilbert lambastes a “number of false allegations” made in a resignation letter from former director Jim Davies.

The letter was posted on the Nominet members’ private mailing list, nom-steer, and contains “sensitive and confidential board and HR matters”. The letter provides details of an executive compensation package, accusing the CEO of unfairly profiting from the non-profit organization, and also alleges that the previous head of IT – a very nice bloke called Jay Daley – was kicked out the company for raising a concern about the CEO’s behaviour. This is just the latest dispatch in a particular nasty fight at the heart of Nominet.

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Former Nominet non-execs letter of support to CEO and Chair, 11 Nov 08

To: Bob Gilbert, Chairman, Nominet From: Former non-executive directors of Nominet: Richard Almeida, Alex Bligh, Rob Blokzijl, Stephen Dyer, Fay…

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Letter from BERR to Nominet, 15 Oct 08

From: BERR – Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform To: Bob Gilbert Esq, Chairman, Nominet 15 October 2008 Dear…

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Nominet EGM hits barriers

Well, I thought it would be a close thing. And I was completely wrong.

Nominet this morning lost all three votes called at its Extraordinary General Meeting and lost them by a massive margin. Why? Because, completely unexpectedly, two of the three biggest Nominet members decided they didn’t like them.

In the end, all the objections eloquently put forward by some members of Nominet’s Policy Advisory Board were as nought when big companies Fasthosts and Pipex turned against the deal.

But what I thought was a battle over Nominet’s future direction has suddenly become something much, much bigger. It’s now about who controls Nominet, and so by extension, the UK’s Internet space, and the UK’s biggest beast in the global Net infrastructure market.

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