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FCC Commissioner O’Rielly speech on Internet governance

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Michael O‚ÄôRielly Before the Federal Communications Bar Association April 1, 2014 Internet Governance and Freedom Let…

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What the US government said about IANA in Singapore

Two weeks ago, the US government announced it would transition its role in the IANA functions to the global Internet…

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ICANN gets IANA for five years

[tag]ICANN[/tag] has been re-awarded the [tag]IANA[/tag] contract for one year with a stated four extensions, giving the US overseeing organisation…

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What was said at the NTIA and what is news?

I’m still getting grief from people taking exception to my Register story about what happened at the [tag]NTIA[/tag] yesterday. I’ve…

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Is the NTIA blind to the truth, Stevie Wonder wonders

The webcast for the [tag]NTIA[/tag] meeting in Washington has just started and it is playing, rather pleasantly, Stevie Wonder with…

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NTIA publishes ICANN meeting agenda

I’ve just noticed that the US government has posted the agenda for its meeting on Wednesday where its contract with…

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US government gets a Net kick in the teeth

I have finally finished my analysis of the 632 comments sent to the NTIA following its Notice of Inquiry over the continued role of ICANN as Internet overseer, and it’s going to come as a shock to the US government.

A remarkable 87.3 percent of comments that discussed the USG’s role said it should transition itself away from complete control to a more international body. ICANN fared little better: 63.4 percent of comments about it varied from critical to downright hostile.

Yes, I have bothered to go through every single comment, read every single word and do an analysis. The only analysis I didn’t do (and which now I cannot summon the energy to do) was to find out what percentage of the comments came from which region (mostly inside the US and outside the US) – so if someone wants to…

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NTIA comment marathon comes to an end

I think it’s done. I think the [tag]NTIA[/tag] has finally finished posting all the comments in the [tag]ICANN[/tag] inquiry. The…

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US government swamped with Net user comments

Someone at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is having a tedious first day back at work after the…

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The blessing and the curse of public attention

I have written two stories this week about the NTIA’s public consultation in an effort to get people enthused about…

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