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Talking about on NPR’s On the Media

I recorded a show for National Public Radio’s (NPR) On the Media show earlier this week talking about, my…

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ICANN Board discussion of biz/org/info contracts

On Friday, the ICANN Board approved some controversial renewal contracts for the .biz, .info and .org top-level Internet domains.

In a press conference a few hours later, chairman Vint Cerf urged the reporters to read the transcript of the discussion. That transcript isn’t up yet but I figured that Cerf was right about listening to it, so I have knocked up an MP3 of the 45-minute discussion and posted it below.

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Nominet IGF meeting audio recordings

Nominet held a meeting over the IGF on Monday which has attracted a fair amount of attention, most of it revolving around Nitin Desai’s remarks at the end, picked up by the BBC.

I have grabbed the audio from the meeting and produced a series of MP3 files which you can download and listen to here. I will also post them on the blog. All files below:

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Interviews with the Nominet Board candidates

There are two Board positions going at UK registry Nominet that will be decided on Wednesday (27 September) at the company’s annual general meeting in London.

Last week, Nominet announced that there were six candidates and released a statement from each. Despite the extremely tight time period (for example postal votes have to be with Nominet tomorrow (Monday)), I thought it would be a good idea to do very brief interviews with each candidate asking what I hope are the questions that Nominet members would wish to ask and then post them on the Net to help people arrive at a decision.

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Will the US hand over control of Internet? Here’s your answer

So far the US government has been explicitly urged by just about every speaker at the [tag]NTIA[/tag] meeting in Washington…

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Podcast: Interview with Nitin Desai

The IGF formation meeting is over, at least in terms of formal consultations. In the next few days, the dates…

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Net governance podcast

I have finally found time to produce a podcast covering the controversial topic of Internet governance, piecing together some of…

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Podcast from Geneva

I’m at the WSIS meeting in Geneva where the future of the Internet is being decided by the world’s governments….

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