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T-Mobile caught out purposefully misleading customers

I was very nearly tied into a 12-month contract with T-Mobile. In fact, I only had two days left before my seven-day grace period with my new phone ran out. The issue was that I had chosen a new phone for one reason and one reason only – I wanted to be able to pick up my email on it.

I received the phone and spent four days calling T-Mobile and Nokia and trawling the Internet to try to get my phone to work (to access my email) but even inputting numerous settings into the phone by hand didn't word. Finally I popped into Carphone Warehouse and the bloke there told me that T-Mobile simply did not allow me to pick up external email – at all.

This was news to me. So I called T-Mobile for the third time that week, determined to get a straight answer.

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Customer services? Don't make me laugh

I really don’t get this one. I have just moved from T-Mobile to Vodafone because T-Mobile lied about me being able to receive email. I have a new phone. It's works lovely. Fine.

Then I get a phonecall Saturday lunchtime on my mobile asking to speak to Mr McCarthy. Speaking. It’s Nick from Vodafone wondering if everything is fine with my new phone and if I have any problems.

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