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My feedback to the Crown Prosecution Service re: Twitter joke prosecution

I have just send a complaint – or “negative feedback” as the website wishes to call it – to the…

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Press attack on LibDem leader: the last gasp of 20th century media

It is with some inevitability that the British press this morning launched into a huge anti-Nick Clegg attack – but…

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Stand up to Trafigura abuse of outdated libel laws

In October, there was outrage when UK libel lawyers Carter-Ruck prevented a newspaper from repeating questions asked in Parliament. The…

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Twitter wins the battle, now journalists and politicians need to win the war

Delighted to wake up this morning to find out that people acted on appalling press gagging regarding Trafigura and had…

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If you don’t use Twitter, that headline will look like gibberish, but basically one company that produces very short URLs…

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Twitter success at crucial point

So everyone and their dog knows about Twitter. Now the problem is they have started using it – and you…

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Twitternomics: the URL shortening market

Twitter has just hit a crucial milestone for becoming a long-term viability rather than an Internet flash-in-the-plan: it has started generating its own sub-market.

Part of Twitter’s beauty is the fact that it restricts posts to 140 characters, forcing you to have to be economic with your words and making it easier to quickly digest others posts. The problem with the domain name system is that it produces long Web addresses (URLs) so if you want to point people to a certain webpage, you lose almost all the room you have just posting the URL, leaving little or no room for an explanation of why people should click on the link.

URL shortening applications have been around for years but they tended to be used only for ridiculously long web addresses that could often break in emails and IM messages. Twitter has given them a new lease of life.

And this was made clear this morning when the usual URL shortening site that I use – Tiny URL at – stopped working properly due to demand. The website wouldn’t load. More crucially someone Twittered me to tell me that an earlier link I had posted was now pointing somewhere completely different.

So I had a look about and found a new service: Trim, found at This has several advantages over Tiny URL. For one, it produces shorter URLs – the name of the game. But also it lets you lets you create an account, plus post directly into Twitter, and it provides stats on how many times the link has been clicked on.

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