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United Nations continues to undermine Internet Governance Forum

The first preparatory meeting for the 2011 Internet Governance Forum has ended with a significant degree of uncertainty thanks to…

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The UN’s main IGF representative losing it on screen

I posted the video of the United Nations’ representative Sha Zukang losing it about a week ago but forgot to…

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First thoughts about Geneva Internet meeting

Well, it’s 3.15pm Geneva time and the afternoon session of Sub-Committee A at PrepCom3 of WSIS at the UN in Geneva will start in 15 minutes.

What does all that mean? That for the next few hours a group of around 100 people in a room will start making fundamental decisions about how the Internet will run forever more.

These sessions were getting behind. In fact there was only supposed to be one of these a day but a slow start last week has seen them running two a day and possibly three, with a third tonight.

It was pretty much doom and gloom right up until yesterday. Factions have built up and fallen down. The US and Canada – who always stick to give in the world politics stakes, mostly it must be said because of a pretty similar world view – have started edging apart.

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