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Threatening faxes, dot-xxx and an angry Vint Cerf

One of the more bizarre situations I have found myself in while covering domain name system overseer ICANN, both outside…

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Watch out: .xxx is coming to an Internet near you soon

So I think there is a real chance that the Internet extension .xxx will appear on the Internet some time…

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ICANN Board discussion of biz/org/info contracts

On Friday, the ICANN Board approved some controversial renewal contracts for the .biz, .info and .org top-level Internet domains.

In a press conference a few hours later, chairman Vint Cerf urged the reporters to read the transcript of the discussion. That transcript isn’t up yet but I figured that Cerf was right about listening to it, so I have knocked up an MP3 of the 45-minute discussion and posted it below.

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ICANN approves dotcom contract, signs own death warrant

I have been determinedly trying not to write any news stories so I can get on with writing the book but I got a phonecall very early this morning from the spokesman for ICANN explaining that late last night the Board had approved the new contract for the dotcom registry.

“Were there any changes made to it?” I asked.
“Ummm, no,” he replied.

So that's how I first heard of ICANN's impending death.

In fact, before I even go into the contract and what is means, I think it's worth pointing out that I also sent a series of emails to a number of ICANN Board members exactly a month ago. In each I explained that I was “putting the questions to you which, through past experience of these things, I will be asking anyway in a month's time”.

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