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Keep in contact at

So after 18 months of retaining my UK phone while living in the US, I finally got tired of paying £30 a month for absolutely nothing and killed the contract. It ends next week

Why did I keep it for so long? Well, for one, I didn’t expect to stay in the States all that long. I figured ICANN would drive me nuts within a year and I’d move back to Blighty. Plus I didn’t want to rely on just a work phone for contact with friends and family. And lastly I didn’t want to lose my telephone number – 07932 783686 – which I have had for over a decade.

Well, I am still at ICANN and so still in the States and I didn’t use my UK phone because to use it over here was prohibitively expensive. I don’t rely on just my work phone for contact – I mostly use Skype to contact friends and family. It’s free and it comes with pictures. And as for losing the number… Well I am the proud owner of a .tel domain name.

In fact, due to my name being slightly unusual, I have

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Customer services? Don't make me laugh

I really don’t get this one. I have just moved from T-Mobile to Vodafone because T-Mobile lied about me being able to receive email. I have a new phone. It's works lovely. Fine.

Then I get a phonecall Saturday lunchtime on my mobile asking to speak to Mr McCarthy. Speaking. It’s Nick from Vodafone wondering if everything is fine with my new phone and if I have any problems.

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