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Will the US hand over control of Internet? Here’s your answer

So far the US government has been explicitly urged by just about every speaker at the [tag]NTIA[/tag] meeting in Washington…

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Making the world a better, more synergistic, substantively co-ordinated place

At the conclusion of the [tag]WSIS[/tag] process – where the world’s governments, non-governmental organisations, businesses and so on discussed how…

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Pressure piles on US government to end Net role

Less than a week after 87 percent of Net experts went out of their way to tell the US government that it needs to internationalise its role as overall authority for the Internet root, another shot has been fired over its boughs by two insiders.

A paper [pdf] put out by Becky Burr and Marilyn Cade pulls no punches when it states that it provides a “concrete pathway for eliminating one of the most sources of contention in the ICANN debate – the United States’ retain, exclusive and unilateral authority over the Internet’s authoritative root”.

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US government gets a Net kick in the teeth

I have finally finished my analysis of the 632 comments sent to the NTIA following its Notice of Inquiry over the continued role of ICANN as Internet overseer, and it’s going to come as a shock to the US government.

A remarkable 87.3 percent of comments that discussed the USG’s role said it should transition itself away from complete control to a more international body. ICANN fared little better: 63.4 percent of comments about it varied from critical to downright hostile.

Yes, I have bothered to go through every single comment, read every single word and do an analysis. The only analysis I didn’t do (and which now I cannot summon the energy to do) was to find out what percentage of the comments came from which region (mostly inside the US and outside the US) – so if someone wants to…

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The future of the Internet – and how to stop it

The future of the Internet – and how to stop it. That was the title of Jonathan Zittrain's inaugural Oxford…

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IGF: success, great success or useful sideshow?

When asked a month prior to the meeting in Geneva this week how it was likely to go, one diplomat…

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Podcast: Interview with Nitin Desai

The IGF formation meeting is over, at least in terms of formal consultations. In the next few days, the dates…

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IGF: What’s been decided?

We’re drawing to the end of the two-day IGF formation conference. Chairman Nitin Desai will shortly give a summary of…

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IGF: Moving forward or going around and around?

We are nearly an hour into the second day of discussions about the formation of the new Internet Governance Forum…

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A ringside seat at the future of the Internet

I’m taking a few days off writing the book to cover what I believe to be a very important…

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